When I was 11, my dad used to take me on job walks in Hollywood. Either he would drop me off on Melrose and pick me up after I had wandered around checking out record shops, clothing stores, novelty shops, and eateries (this was a time before cell phones and helicopter parenting when my dad just had to trust I would be okay and meet him in front of Aardvarks or Johnny Rocket's at 2PM) or we would set up somewhere and people-watch. He appreciated all sorts of people. Though he called Hollywood "Hollyweird", he appreciated the mohawks, costumes, pierced and tattooed folk, etc. because it brought us together and gave me a glimpse into different subcultures. He would also strike up a conversation with anyone. If I felt intimidated by a gothic woman but really wanted to know how she got her hair blood red, he would ask for me. It was super cool.

Today I walked up and down that same avenue and thought of those fun times. Though only a few of the same places remain (no Brown Derby--he drove way out of his way one time to show me the building), I still saw the snapshots of familiar hangouts in my mind. Good times!